Classes in Chicago are currently held at the Tenshinkan Dojo.

tsuba Classes

Monday - 9:00-10:30pm

Wednesd- 9:00-10:30pm

Saturday - 10:00-12:00am



1016 W. Belmont Ave.
Chicago, Il.
ph: 773.525.3141

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Potential students please be aware that there are charlatans who purport to teach Mugai Ryū who are not qualified to teach. When Pitchford Sensei returned to the United States in 2001 he began teaching. There have been circumstances where students who learned just a little about Mugai Ryū have started teaching. These students have no qualifications and are not teachers.

To clear up any potential for misunderstanding the following is what an instructor of Mugai Ryū has to have to be qualified: A Mugai Ryū Sensei must have as a minimum the rank of Roku Dan, Sixth Degree. Also, a Mugai Ryū Sensei must have a license, called Men no Maki, which is given by the Soke, or headmaster, of Mugai Ryū. If these two criteria are not met then the purported Mugai Ryū instructor is a charlatan.